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A Dance of Fire and Ice is a straightforward rhythm game with one touch. Keep your focus to avoid upsetting the two planets’ precise balance as you direct them along a course. Everything is playful, and observing and hearing is one part of the fun. It’s especially interesting that one of the first things you will do (apart from clunking about ) is to make this strategy play itself in this strong and entertaining auto – play setting.

The thought typically reserved for demo mode to the gamer’s idea, here you see Everything progress in unexpected ways. In this manner the game A Dance of Fire and Ice includes thoughtful definitions of everything that you experience, a seemingly infinite list of time and thing.

A Dance of Fire and Ice
A Dance of Fire and Ice

About the game A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice is the first and only A Game of Thrones mod for mobile games. It is a 3D RPG game set in Westeros during the world’s most brutal winter. You lead one of six houses, gain power through alliances and marriages, defend against White Walkers, trade with faraway lands, reform religion or usurp power all for control over the Seven Kingdoms.

Defeat your opponents by military means, use diplomacy to divide their forces or take control of their territories strategically. It’s difficult to explain, but if you’re not sure if you’ll like this game, try out the desktop computer’s free online version first!

A Dance of Fire and Ice is the first and only A Game of Thrones mod for mobile games
A Dance of Fire and Ice is the first and only A Game of Thrones mod for mobile games


  • 20 universes with unique rhythms and shapes. What sound does a triangle, an octagon, or a square make? Each globe features a distinct fantasy setting that was hand-drawn, along with brief tutorial stages and lengthy boss levels.
  • Speed trials and daring speed bonus levels for each world are post-race tasks.
  • New levels to play for free: There will be more a dance of fire and ice custom levels to play for free in the upcoming months.
  • Automatic and manual calibration methods are available. Use your ears rather than your eyes to play this exact rhythm game.

Warning: Be advised that this game is challenging to pace. Not in the spam sense; most of the time, you only need to maintain a steady beat, although maintaining a beat is difficult. So, if you have trouble, don’t worry!

Download A Dance of Fire and Ice APK & MOD for Android

This game humbles me as someone who struggles with rhythm. I needed 56 attempts to complete the first level with a 98% score. You have my love and my detest. Although I wanted to give up, I knew that if I persisted in working hard and keeping to the rhythm, I would succeed. adore music I appreciate you creating this game.

This article is about a Dance of Fire and Ice MOD APK v1.15.5 for Android devices that has been leaked on the internet as a free, pirated copy of the game. Please do not download this, or any other pirated copy of a game for that matter, this is not ethical in any shape or form and we would like to remind you of such apps can contain malware that could damage your phone or tablet device and they might also be riddled with in-game glitches that could ruin your enjoyment of the game itself.

Dance of Fire and Ice is a rhythm-only game. Its soundtrack includes reaction time and rhythm. Keep your attention on the task at hand as you direct the two planets in orbit along their complex orbits without upsetting their delicate equilibrium. To line up, press each musical beat. Every mode has a distinctive rhythm. It will get challenging. Use your ears instead of your eyes because this game is only centered on rhythm. Visit Steam to play the entire game. As always, good luck and have fun!

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the game A Dance of Fire and Ice

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