Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD (Menu, Map)


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Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD (Menu, Map) is an action packed game that offers a fresh way to play MOBA and Battle Royale levels. The game is developed by WolfFun for use with Android 4.4 and above devices.
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Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD (Menu, Map)

Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD APK – Survival MOBA Game

The game is designed to let you show off your fighting skills as well as your team management abilities. While you can participate in solo battles, you will have the opportunity to form formidable teams that will defeat your competitors.

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Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD (Menu, Map)

In Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD, players will come to a graphic that gives a specific impression when accessing many different levels and environments. Players will find the characteristics of the MOBA genre and combine them with other gameplay to create uniqueness. At the same time, the perspective of this game is completely comprehensive to help you move quickly, in accordance with tactics or attack the enemy in front of you.

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Thetan Arena MOD menu
Thetan Arena MOBA Survival MOD (Menu, Map)

4 game modes

Players will find four main game modes with similar characteristics to a MOBA game and other objectives that they must complete in the game. Thetan Arena. The first mode is Battle Royale and at the start, the player will be taken to any location. At the same time, they will see gifts that they can break and gain experience to level up skills and attack enemies. The environment will have a constantly shrinking safe zone that the player will need to move around and choose the right strategy to be the ultimate winner.

What is the MOD in this version?

  • MOD Menu
  • H@ck map can see the enemy side.