Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


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Otherworld Legends Mod Apk(Unlimited Money, Unlocked) Download the game to explore and demolish wicked Asurendra’s false realm.

Intro the concept of Otherworld Legends.

ChillyRoom is a publisher noted for its action games with 16-bit graphics. The Soul Knight Mod Apk, which debuted in early 2017, is the first demonstration. ChillyRoom continues to create a new product named Otherworld Legends three years later. The game has now been officially released. Many gamers have had great experiences with it and have written positive reviews.


The plot of Otherworld Legends Mod Apk begins with the villain Asurendra creating an illusory world. He immediately utilized his ability to call all of the heroes from space and time who had gathered here.
Monsters and lethal traps are strewn over the place. And underlying all of this lies a scheme to take over Asurendra’s dimensions when the heroes are destroyed.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

You are one of those heroes, and you quickly become aware of the heinous scheme. You and the other heroes will have to put an end to it!


Otherworld Legends’ gameplay is quite similar to Soul Knight Mod. You control your character as you navigate routes and dungeons in order to combat swarms of creatures.

The bosses of each stage will eventually arrive at the conclusion. By overcoming them, you will advance to the next stage, getting one step further away from the wicked Asurendra’s false realm.

Of course, that is how the game will play out in general. But, as you may know, the difficulty grows with each level. Meanwhile, traps and otherworldly entities will assault and injure the character. To preserve your life, you’ll have to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as select characters for each level, upgrade your strength, and replace more powerful weaponry.


Characters in Otherworld Legends Mod Apk are a factor that can assist you win the battle. Because they originate from multiple realms of space and time, their talents are genuinely one-of-a-kind and diverse. Warriors, knights, wizards, ninjas, archers, and even magic experts are included in the collection. You should understand each character’s strengths before selecting the characters with the best fighting abilities at each stage.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Although I can’t recall the names of each character, archers and wizards are my favorite sorts of warriors. They can attack from a distance while moving quickly. Ninjas and warriors are not the same; they are powerful and have the quickest damage speed. When you fight against an army of monsters, you will quickly learn how effective their ability is.


Otherworld Legends contains about 90 different sorts of goods that you may gather and equip your character with, according to statistics. Armor, protective shields, weaponry, or material pieces might all be used.

According to my observations, the armament system is rather extensive. There are several sorts, including armored gloves, swords, bows and arrows, and drill bits. However, the game also lets you to combine them to create new weapons with higher attribute points and special powers.


Many individuals feel that the 16-bit graphics platform is unappealing and provides a poor user experience. However, if you’ve played Otherworld Legends previously, you’ll know that the statements above aren’t entirely accurate, at least not for this game.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

As is typical of 16-bit visuals, but game’s meticulously constructed. You will feel energized by sources of light, energy, fire, or thunder. This feature considerably helps to the simulation of the violent conflict.

Furthermore, the game handles movement nicely, which, when paired with the background music, creates a strange and dangerous environment.

Otherworld Legends MOD APK for Android is available for download.

From visuals to gameplay, Otherworld Legends is similar to Soul Knight, yet it has its own personality with distinct content and features. For certain support features, you may get the MOD APK version of this game from our website. If you have any difficulties with the MOD version, please leave a remark and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Soul Stone, Ruby, Sapphire, Weapon Enhancer Cards, Hero Pieces.
  • Unlimited Skin Pieces.
  • Unlocked All Skills.