Download Dragon City MOD APK 22.5 (One hit)


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If you adore dragons and want to build an island dedicated to dragon breeding, try Dragon City MOD APK – the fantastic dragon rearing game from Social Point publisher.

Introduce Game Dragon City Mod

Have you watched the film? How do you train a dragon? Humans and dragons have coexisted peacefully on a huge island after thousands of years of conflict. We can raise dragons as pets, train them, and ride them all over the planet.

Create your own dragon island.

The main goal of this game is to establish and develop an island for dragons. This is a lovely island floating in the sky. You may additionally construct islands and decorate them, breaking stones or trees to enlarge the island’s size.

Dragon City MOD APK
Download Dragon City MOD APK 22.5 (One hit)

The Dragon Book.

Dragon Book is the name of your dragon collection. There are now over 500 dragon species in Dragon Book, and this number is continually growing with weekly updates. There are no legends about dragons or why we need an army of dragons, but the thrill of receiving a rare dragon egg and waiting for it to hatch is immensely exciting.

Each dragon goes through several phases of development. When they achieve the proper level, they can be developed. Your dragon’s stats are considerably improved after evolution, and a new special skill is unlocked. Don’t forget to equip them with the gem by Rune feature as well.

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PvP combat.

The game allows you to join in the PvP arena after you reach the appropriate level. This is where you utilize your best dragons to battle other dragon players or the game’s AI. When you win, you will gain a plethora of rich goodies such as gold and dragon eggs.

A match allows you to utilize up to three dragons. When deciding on your formation, consider the elements of your opponent’s dragons. When the opponent possesses a swarm of fire dragons, for example, a water dragon is a good alternative. Also, remember to use the spheres in each round so you can watch how your dragon grows stronger.

Graphics are stunning.

Dragon City mod is characterized as a fairyland. 3D graphics with clear visuals and a wide range of colors. What really impressed me was the game’s design of incredibly charming and cool dragons. All of these elements combine to provide you with memorable experiences.

Dragon City Mod Version for Android are available for download.

In a nutshell, Dragon City Mod Apk is a fascinating game in which you may grow dragons on your island. This game is designed for the player who like dragons. If you like the charming dragons in How to Train Your Dragon, this is a must-play game. Download and play now.

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