Zombie Tsunami APK MOD 4.5.108 (Unlimited Money)


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If you want a lot of money and jewels, download Zombie Tsunami APK MOD (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds). You may quickly unlock eggs and enhance your zombies as a result of this.

Intro Zombie Tsunami APK MOD.

I’d like to introduce you to Zombie Tsunami APK MOD, a “old but gold” game. This game has progressively become a landmark and a necessary game for mobile devices since its first release.

Zombie games frequently emphasize human survival prior to a disaster, forcing the player to leave, create a base, or even discover and kill entire zombie hordes. But have you ever considered if game publishers are “unfair” to zombies? Mobigame S.A.R.L. published Zombie Tsunami to solve this question. You must learn to think like zombies in this game (in fact they are not capable of thinking).


When you play the game, you will join an army of zombies invading major cities throughout the world. You begin the game with only one zombie, then try to consume flesh and convert as many people as possible into zombies. If you have enough money, you may upgrade to start with two, three, or up to five zombies for a better start.

Zombie Tsunami APK MOD, like Subway Surfers mod MOD, is an endless-runner game in which you run until the game ends. By tapping anywhere on the screen, you may direct the zombies to leap up to escape obstacles or jump into the deep pit. It may appear simple, but the game takes a high level of ability and reflexes from the player while creating a large number of bombs and holes to wait for you to lose. With only one error, you can immediately murder your whole army of zombies.

How to Obtain More Zombies

The simplest targets are individuals yelling on the road. If not, you must remove the mechanism of acquiring additional zombies. The larger the truck, the more zombies you require and the more you consume. These are some examples:

  • Dustbin: You’ll need two zombies to get a brain or gold coins.
  • Car: You’ll need four zombies to acquire one brain.
  • Bus: You need 8 zombies to earn 2 brains.
  • Tank: You need 12 zombies to earn 3 brains.
  • Airplane: You’ll need 16 zombies to get 4 brains.


You may employ the talents in a brief period of time to assist you survive and destroy the car.

  • GiantZ: The entire zombie transforms into a massive zombie, killing everything with his laser eye. The lasers may be upgraded to unleash numerous rays with increased damage.
  • Ninja: Your zombies transform into ninjas with katanas that can cut through anything. By double-clicking on the screen, you may control the ninja jumping twice.
    Zombies turn into gold, and they have the capacity to turn anything into gold coins to gather, but they can still perish if they fall down the holes.
  • Quarterback: Zombies are impervious to all threats, but they, like Gold, are scared of deep depths.
  • UFO: Keep increasing the amount of zombies for you.

There are two more additions:

  • Mecha: is a robot with a saw blade on its arm that cuts anything in its path.
  • RiderZ: Skill can only be unlocked at a high level. Zombies will drive the racing vehicle and will be able to ascend if they fall into the hole. They become indestructible when upgraded.

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You may now explore over 300 quests in Zombie Tsunami. These duties, such as shaking equipment during an earthquake, are highly exciting. Design games are not very complicated, but they are entertaining. Simple visuals make it simple to use with any device you can download without thinking about your phone’s settings.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Gold/Diamonds

Why should you play Zombie Tsunami APK MOD?

Obviously. When playing Zombie Tsunami, most players want to unlock pets and distinctive zombie outfits. To do this, you must play several times, view numerous commercial videos, and save money over an extended period of time. APPDAILY will make your life easy by providing you with a large amount of gold and diamonds right away. You are not required to do anything. Simply download the MOD APK version of this game from the link provided below the text.