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Townsmen Premium Mod Apk allows you to discover medieval life and develop your own famous Renaissance metropolis. You can quickly develop your city with Townsmen Premium.

Intro Townsmen version Premium

Townsmen Premium Mod Apk is a more advanced version with more appealing features than earlier Townsmen games. Handy Games, renowned for titles such as Gun’n’Glory and This Is The Police 2, developed the game. This game is classified as a simulation game with management aspects. As you play the game, you will be transported to a gorgeous Middle Ages region where you will construct a wealthy and flourishing city.


Townsmen Premium Mod Apk is an intriguing management and strategy game. There, you must build a large metropolis from the ashes of a little village. To do so, you must seek for sites to mine metal ores and land on which to develop farms. Collecting gold via mining and harvesting the farm will help you pay for everything. You may use the money you earn to grow your output by constructing new farms and gardens. Furthermore, construct additional high-rise buildings, amusement parks, marketplaces, and bars… to assist your city grow more vibrant. People will begin to flock to your city as a result.

Townsmen Premium MOD APK
Townsmen Premium MOD APK

Keep your city safe.

In the face of threats to the city’s tranquility, you must devise a variety of strategies to ensure the public’s safety. With the danger of robbers, you must construct several military barracks manned by formidable troops. Recruit strong and brave warriors, and build several watchtowers to ensure the protection of the people.

Furthermore, the city is always in risk of being ravaged by natural disasters caused by weather. In addition to rainy days, the city must deal with several natural calamities such as floods, droughts, and snowstorms due to weather impacts and realistic seasons. This is followed by a sequence of dangers such as food shortages, diseases, and so on. As a result, before a natural catastrophe comes, you must take precautionary steps such as preserving crops in food storage and constructing a large number of hospitals. The dwellings, in particular, must be designed to withstand the elements. You are a king in Townsmen Premium. So make sure your employees have a full and happy life.

Taxes must be collected.

Track and collect taxes from city companies. It then spread to other communities, each with spectacular buildings and structures. There are several house designs to choose from. There are several scenes in this game, including gorgeous castles, enormous structures, bridges over the lovely river… Imagine yourself living in that city; you must be pleased.


Townsmen Premium has realistic 3D visuals that recreate the life of a medieval city. All activities are vividly shown, from commerce to fighting in the army, and even marriages occur in the game. Furthermore, the environment is highly diversified and beautiful, with four seasons and wonderful weather. People with unusual forms, in particular, intrigue you. This game, when combined with the dynamically shifting background music, gives you the impression of viewing great 90s movies.

Townsmen Premium MOD APK for Android is available for download.

There are several city-building simulation games available, but finding one that offers unique experiences, such as Townsmen Premium Mod Apk, is challenging. Everything softly and honestly drew gamers in. I feel that if you enjoy living in this game, you will enjoy living in real life more. So don’t miss out on any spectacular Townsmen Premium moments!

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money