The Way Home MOD APK ( Menu / Immortal)


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The Way Home MOD APK ( Menu) is an action game for Android. Stranded on an unfamiliar island, Kevin and Cheese must try to find a way back home. Meet other missing people and terrifying monsters lurking on the island. Help our two unfortunate friends find their way HOME!

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The Way Home MOD APK ( Menu / Immortal)

The Way Home MOD APK – The Way Home Game: Pixel Roguelike

This The Way Home will be a real discovery for roguelikes fans, and will also delight you with its old-fashioned visual design, an interesting storyline, four island exploration and comedic protagonists funny. Here you will meet the change of day and night, dangerous dungeons, traps and obstacles, as well as more than 80 types of unique and deadly monsters. Can you beat them all?

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The Way Home MOD APK ( Menu / Immortal)

Randomly generated map

In The Way home hero will be stranded on a mysterious island, and you must help Kevin and Peaches find their way home. All maps will be randomly generated and each battle is unique, so no two challenges are alike. For each run, you can choose more than 15 different skills so that your heroes can fight the most dangerous monsters. You can also build structures and mine auxiliary resources, explore the island’s dungeons and locations, and meet charismatic NPCs.

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The Way Home MOD APK ( Menu / Immortal)

What is the MOD in this version?

  • MOD Menu
  • Immortal
  • Increase damage x10
  • Free crafting (materials are not used when crafting and you can also craft things if you don’t have enough materials)
  • To get a bonus for buying the beta version of the game, click the icon in the upper left corner, then the Preview and Open Gift button.