Download The Wanderer MOD (Shopping, Unlimited Tokens) v7.0


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Download The Wanderer MOD (Shopping, Unlimited Tokens)is a free mobile game with pixel graphics, you will transform into a last survivor when the world goes through the apocalypse, everywhere is just dead, ruined and your task is to find Get supplies and battle any unwanted visitors in this Fallout-inspired post-apocalyptic RPG survival game.

The Wanderer MOD APK
Download The Wanderer MOD (Shopping, Unlimited Tokens) 7.02013 APK

The Wanderer MOD APK – Game of destruction disaster

In The Wanderer You will be able to customize the parameters, as well as change the body parts to suit you best, with 2D graphics in the most minimalist way and the main storyline and adventure elements remain untouched. too much. Players need a lot of time to get used to a lot of unlockable functions later. Characters can move without you controlling. The game creates a whole new style of adventure that is a transition adventure. For example, when you want to get out of your camp, just press the command button and the screen will automatically switch the scene outside.

Download The Wanderer
Download The Wanderer MOD (Shopping, Unlimited Tokens) 7.02013 APK


The Wanderer provide you with a pet dog. It will always follow your footsteps throughout the adventure. Fight with you and collect many strange items and resources. The battles will all be designed based on the past. In battle only shows the maximum health and damage received. You need to be careful or you will die and lose valuable resources.

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The Wanderer MOD Shopping
Download The Wanderer MOD (Shopping, Unlimited Tokens) 7.02013 APK

Highlights of The Wanderer MOD APK

  • Play for free on mobile devices
  • Travel through different towns that have unique places to look for from random houses, medical shops, police stations, all with plenty of places to look for supplies.
  • With each playthrough, map and location changes will scatter to provide a different way to play as you plan your expeditions.
  • Keep an eye out for a beloved pet that can help you gather supplies or help fend off attackers. Upgrade their stats and have a powerful companion.

What is the MOD in this version?

  • You can buy hats even if you don’t have enough hats.
  • Unlimited tokens.