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Reventure MOD APK  -A platform adventure with 100 possible outcomes! Can you locate them all?

What will happen if I do this…? Pixelatto Games’ Reventure is a 2D platformer that tests your creativity by providing you with a plethora of various goods, tales, and a big universe to explore on your journeys. Try your hardest to find all 100 endings while enjoying the suspenseful plot, comedy, and mystery!

** Gamelab 2019 Best Indie Game **


** Independence Center Awards for 2019 **


“This title has swiftly become one of youtubers’ must-haves.” – Vandalism


“One of the Apocalypse Indie Games of 2019” — Juegos 3d


“Adventure is an adventure you will never forget.” – Create Today

One hundred different endings

Choose your route; each option results in a new ending; will you discover the true one? Is there something like this? There is only one way to find out…

Several “Aha!” moments

You change the world, not every new game. Actually, it does change, but that’s the secret you’re about to discover.

There are several unlockables.

New characters to play, clues, costumes, aesthetics, and more!

There are several mysteries, puzzles, tales, and pop culture references.

Because they are secrets, we won’t reveal them here 😉

■ Magic

Even a seemingly basic yet magnificent game like this requires a significant amount of time and money to create, but you can acquire it for a few bucks. How about some magic? Time travel, battle royale combat, impersonations, permanent death, shotguns, mining, resource collecting, base construction, global leaderboards, farming… We’re probably exaggerating here… or do we have any?

■ humor

Yes, as well as that one. There are several tastes to select from.

This is always crucial! Beautiful OST

Do you require any other information? In 8 simple steps, here’s how to play Reventure:

Step 1: Make an adventure call… Hero, wake up!

Step 2: Meet Your Mentor and Prepare for Glory…

Step 3: Then…Begin Your Mission!

Step 4: Don’t Get On The Boat…

Step 5: Accept the consequences…

Step 6: Resurrect…

Step 7: Correct previous errors…

Step 8: Make Yourself a Legend!

Disclaimer: This is only a guide; you are unlikely to become a legend on your second attempt.

Revenge MOD APK for Android is available for download.

Reventure (previously Lonk’s Adventure) is an action-adventure video game produced by Spanish company Pixelatto on June 4, 2019. This is an enhanced remake of Pixelatto’s Ludum Dare game jam contribution Lonk’s Greedy Adventure. In the game, players are dispatched into an open world to rescue the princess from the Dark Lord. Any of 100 possible endings can occur depending on the player’s actions. The game is a lighthearted spoof of role-playing video games, particularly the Legend of Zelda series. After its debut, “Adventure” gained critical acclaim and was commended for its wit.

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