My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

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My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Options) is a visually appealing simulation game developed by Genius Studio. This is a game in the visual novel genre, which is the publisher’s specialty. The fact that their entire game belongs to this genre and is enjoyed by a big number of players is evidence.

About My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK

Do you have a girlfriend? Want to find a game that will help you enhance your communication skills with women and learn more about women’s psychology? Or are you a passionate guy who enjoys reading sweet love stories? Let’s start playing this game.


If you have any queries concerning the visual novel genre, it is a pretty well-known genre that is frequently featured in Japanese games. Summertime Saga and Fap CEO are two examples of games. The gameplay of this game is quite simple. Most of the time, all you have to do is touch the screen to create the tale, which includes visuals, text, and music. The majority of these games contain several narratives. The player chooses “choice points,” which determines the plot’s course.

My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)
My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


Character design is frequently a strength of visual novel games. Furthermore, Genius Studio consistently excels in creating anime-style female characters. My Nurse Girlfriend is no different. The three main characters are all exceedingly attractive, which is every boy’s fantasy. The character speaks with adorable and heartfelt expressions. Furthermore, their voices are incredibly endearing.

The plot.

If you had a dull high school era and don’t have many memories (like me), this game will provide you with an experience that you won’t find in any other game. You play as an attractive and incredibly renowned man in My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK. You are the school team’s superstar, the fantasy of every female in your town.

Three lovely ladies are profiled.

  • Louisa: Nurse is both gorgeous and sensual, according to Louisa. She is, however, older than you. She is a kind lady with a good heart. She has worked at the hospital for many years and so has more experience than other nurses. She is also a delicate, naïve, and easily duped young lady.
  • Miki: is a Tsundere-style nurse. Miki appears icy and difficult to approach, which is understandable. She even appears to be uneasy at times. Miki, on the other hand, is very warm and timid on the inside. Maybe she keeps her distance, but maybe she loves about everyone but doesn’t know how to show it, resulting in awkward, slightly endearing acts. Let us investigate!
  • Rena: You share a room with another patient. This is a personality girl that prefers to do things her own way. She has an intriguing personality. Talk to her and discover more about her tales. This is probably the love you’re seeking for.


Aside from the main narrative, you may play various mini-games to earn a variety of unique prizes. When you acquire the same three symbols in the fortunate spin, you earn a ruby and other prizes. Let me explain what you should do with the ruby in My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK. Some options, known as Premium Options, need you to have ruby. It provides you risky options like giving Louisa an enthusiastic embrace or inviting Miki to lunch.

My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK is available for Android.

My Nurse Girlfriend MOD APK is a game for all males, whether or not they have a girlfriend. The game lets you acquire confidence when confronted with gorgeous females and learn more about them. You can see from the main character’s narrative that conversing with gorgeous females is not as tough as you believed.

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