Idle Ant Colony MOD (Get Rewards, No ADS) 2022

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Idle Ant Colony MOD (Get Rewards, No ADS) This little idle game is all about building your own anthill and creating new colonies in different territories. Feed your queen, hatch thousands of ants, and set up ant trails to gather food and resources to keep growing your idle ant colony!
Idle Ant Colony MOD without ads
Idle Ant Colony MOD (Get Rewards, No ADS)

Idle Ant Colony MOD APK – Ant Nest Building Game

A colorful and fun arcade simulator game for Android with clicker elements, in which you can build your own architecture and develop it in any way possible, create ants and provide girls Get everything you need. Load Idle Ant Colony for Android free is enough to start coordinating the actions of thousands of workers who will be busy gathering food and resources for the queen, going to explore new territories to create another colony of ants there.

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Idle Ant Colony MOD (Get Rewards, No ADS)

Territorial expansion

You must equip a luxurious throne room for the queen, research new technology, conquer territories and continents to create more colonies. You also have to manage a warehouse and improve the production line, hiring skilled ants to help you improve your productivity. For your efforts, you can unlock many top achievements, as well as substantial rewards and booster rockets.

Idle Ant Colony MOD
Idle Ant Colony MOD (Get Rewards, No ADS)

Outstanding Features in Idle Ant Colony MOD APK

  • Upgrade your throne room to incubate more ants
  • Create and improve ant trails to transport resources
  • Cavities dig trenches in your anthill to make room for more ants
  • Research new technologies and recipes to grow your colony
  • Conquer new continents to establish more colonies
  • Collect special management ants to increase your productivity
  • Manage your inventory and improve your production line
  • Unlock achievements to increase your rewards and output

What is the MOD in this version?

  • MOD without ads
  • You can get free bonus without watching ads.