Chest Cycle Guide and Tips for Game Clash Royale

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The major advancement of a player’s card and king tower experience level in Clash Royale is dependent on the quantity of resources a player possesses. With this in mind, chests are the primary source of in-game commodities such as money and cards.

These chests may be obtained through fighting, and the rarity of a chest obtained by a player is not decided by RNG. The Clash Royale chest cycle mechanism has already chosen which chests a player will get from combat.

Chest Cycle Guide and Tips for Game Clash Royale
Chest Cycle Guide and Tips for Game Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, how do chests drop?

As previously stated, chest drops are not dependent on RNG or chance, but rather on a chest cycle or precise order of chests that a player receives in the game. This is the sequence in which a player receives a chest after winning a combat.

  • The chest cycle continues as long as a chest slot is available and ends when all spaces are filled.
  • If there are no chest slots available, the cycle will halt, and players will not miss any chests, implying that players cannot skip any chests in the chest cycle.
  • After reaching the conclusion of the cycle, the cycle begins again.

The chests available from battles:

  • Golden chest or Silver chest
  • Magical chest
  • Epic chest
  • Legendary chest
  • Mega lightning chest
  • Giant chest
  • Gold crates
  • Mega lightning chest
  • Royal wild chest

How to Get Clash Royale’s Special Chests

Special chests, such as Mega Lightning, Epic, Legendary, and Royal Wild, can be earned through fight but have a distinct cycle. After obtaining the 300th trophy, the special cycle will begin calculating the amount of chests earned by the player through the ordinary chest cycle, and therefore the chest cycle is around 500 chests long.

Chest Cycle Guide and Tips for Game Clash Royale
Chest Cycle Guide and Tips for Game Clash Royale

Meaning that after a random cycle of 500 chests, the player receives one unique chest (eg: mega lightning chest), and the player must repeat the cycle to earn that same special chest again. For example, if a player receives a mega lightning chest as his 100th chest, he must open the remaining 400 chests in the cycle to earn the mega lightning chest once more.


To keep the cycle continuing without wasting time, always unlock the chests one after the other. Chest keys can speed up the process by instantly opening the chest of any rarity.

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