Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.1.1

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Haunted Dorm MOD APK is unlike any other tower defense game you’ve ever played. You may believe it to be simple, but it is not. You may think it’s entertaining, but it turns out to be both entertaining and disturbing. In this small game, you have all the “spice.”

Intro Haunted Dorm Mod Apk

War against Ghosts in the horror dormitories in this multiplayer horror tower defense game.


Haunted Dorm MOD is a horror game in which you fight the adversary using tactics. You and the other players in this multiplayer online game will be in the same building where a ghost is preparing to strike.

Everyone is fully aware of this, therefore they make every effort to protect and gather the money by any means possible (for example, by playing minigames) in order to continually create powerful defense systems that repel the ghost while still having a chance to win it.

Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.1.1
Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.1.1


When looking for information regarding Haunted Dorm’s gameplay, you’ll come across a lot of remarks like this:

  • “The game is excellent; it’s fast-paced, heartbreaking, and yet amusing.”
  • “After a time, I discovered that everyone, including myself, was perplexed as to where the spirits were coming from.”
  • “Nice and original concept!” I can play it again and over and never grow tired of it.”
  • “Amazing little game!”

Each player’s job in Haunted Dorm MOD is to construct a little tower, a secure system to make the ghost tough to discover, and a reach to capture you. The more sleep you get, the more money you make.

This money will be utilized to upgrade and construct more internal and exterior systems to better block ghosts. Upgrade the doors, boost the tower’s counterattack ability to counter the ghost… and you’ll figure out how to win your own struggle.

When you first start playing, you are given merely a small empty room with dreary, dark hues. Not only a ghost, but any stranger, arriving out of nowhere, is enough to make you shudder. You definitely sense that you are in a dangerous position when you are powerless.

So you begin your trip to gather money in order to construct defensive utilities for the room. Play minigames as hard as you can and make building decisions that are within your budget. Depending on your calculations, you can pursue the long route with large constructions that require a lot of money and labor, but once finished, they are sure to block the ghost. You can also follow the tactic of spending as much as possible. Every cent collected from minigames will be used to construct little clusters of furniture, as well as careful tools to create levels of hurdles for the ghost. You can go either way.

Impressive with its distinct minimalist visuals and weird dismal atmosphere.

There’s nothing to say about extremely simple 2D visuals in this game. However, this piques the interest of the participants. In the midst of a forest of vivid 3D role-playing games and a range of entertaining, brilliant, and bright style defensive strategy games, Haunted Dorm stands out as the family’s black sheep.

However, that distinct first impression is sufficient to entice gamers to attempt the game. The basic yet appealing tower-defense gameplay, along with horror and thrilling components that are expertly utilized, is at the heart of the game’s success. I believe it will make it hard for any person to stop playing once they begin.

Haunted Dorm MOD APK is ready to download

On mobile, Haunted Dorm is a tower defense game worth playing. If you want to experience a fresh horror feeling, show off your tower-defense abilities, and play a game that is entirely different from what is already accessible, Haunted Dorm is the game for you!