European War 7: Medieval MOD APK 1.6.2 (Coins)


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European War 7: Medieval MOD APK is a strategy game developed by EasyTech, a well-known mobile game publisher. Are you delighted yet that you can lead an army to conquer all of Medieval Europe with just just one game?

Introduce European War 7: The Medieval

Become a capable commander, see the beautiful battles, conquer the volatile European continent, and establish your own empire.

War strategy games have long been one of the most intriguing themes for sensible brains. This genre was created to think, settle into a stream of thoughts, and compute using a sequence of self-drawn places in the brain. As a result, it’s ideal for playing anytime, anyplace on a device that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s hardly surprising, then, that strategy games are quite popular on cellphones.

Strategy games for mobile are constantly different as a result of such compatibility. A solid strategy game is not difficult to discover. Today, I’ll present you to European War 7: Medieval, which should be added to your phone’s collection of games.


European War 7: Medieval is set in medieval Europe. You’ll be an aggressive ruler, eager to conquer all of Europe.

Impressive images with much detail

The aesthetics are the first thing that will astonish you in European War 7: Medieval. Many strategy games have also used the backdrop map context model to insert people, generals, troops, arrows traveling in the direction of the army, and so on to reflect the war scenario. However, few games can compete with European War 7: Medieval.

On that map, you can observe each horse, camel, and what qualities they ride, as well as their warriors, shields, swords, costumes of various groups, national flags, territories, ships, and military forces stationed in each location. Even for first-time players, every feature as minor as this is clear, easy to grasp, and understandable.

This is also one of the factors that contribute to European Military 7: Medieval being one of the most approachable war strategy games.

Color schemes are very important in European War 7: Medieval. The color tone is not too brilliant, nostalgic, and pleasant to the eyes, but it is always complemented by spectacular pigments to highlight essential details: the national flag, armor color… I really like how the composition came out. The colors in this game are neither too dark or too bright, and everything is extremely comfy.


European War 7: Medieval is the seventh installment in this well-known strategy game series. Many exciting features await gamers in the upcoming comeback.

For starters, the game involves more than just tactics and formations. Other “tricks” to obtain what you want in European War 7: Medieval include marrying the princess of a neighboring kingdom. Furthermore, you may engage in a variety of complex diplomatic operations such as negotiation, armistice, re-war, prisoner custody, conditional release of detainees, and so on. All of these actions add to the drama.

New heroes emerged at the demise of the Roman Empire. Your starting point is just a skilled combat commander. You will begin by taking part in large and little conflicts all around Europe. You gradually built your own nation and began your lengthy conquest as a separate sovereign entity.

In those days, the country with the greatest land, the most strong army, and the most diversified and unexpected war strategy was considered a threatening nation. Your ambition is to become Emperor of such a great kingdom, causing all of Europe to quake.

There are several new points for each detail.

Characters’ talents are also enhanced in European War 7: Medieval. Each character indicates one or more troop unit groupings. These different abilities have made the scenario in this section 7 more rich and appealing.

The map system has also been updated. More than 200 historical characters have appeared throughout the game’s history, including significant names like Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutuzov, and Washington… Each character has multiple levels that may be advanced through time, from simple soldier to marshal, commander of an army, or even future emperor.

Each army in European War 7: Medieval has its own traits and functions, in addition to the characters. To win on the battlefield, you must pick the correct army for each circumstance and combat using the relative strength indicators. After a fight, these troops will get additional experience points and gradually grow into a specialized Elite Force with greater attack capability.

The war map may now be further adjusted by zooming in and out, as well as completely displaying the boundaries, territories, troop movements throughout the conflict, soil, and the state of capital and army units. This will provide you with the most thorough perspective of the battlefield scenario.

European War 7: Medieval APK & MOD for Android is available for free download.

European War 7: Medieval is a strategy game that you may play at your leisure. The long-term victory of Europe that you cherish usually includes unforeseen fights that only you can play in order to achieve the good within.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money/Medals