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Driving School Sim MOD (Unlimited Money) is a realistic simulation game for those who miss driving. The player will be able to enjoy more than a dozen levels in the career mode, where he has to get a driver’s license and perform a number of tasks. All of this will take place behind the wheel of more than a hundred cars of all kinds, from serial models to supercars.

Driving School Sim mod menu
Driving School Sim MOD (Unlimited Money)

Driving School Sim (MOD Unlimited Money) – A driving school simulation game with beautiful graphics

Driving School Sim is a great driving game that will really put your skills behind the wheel to the test. What’s even better about this game is the fine-tuned rewards system. Whenever you win a race in Driving School Sim, it will give you a bunch of new coins as a prize. Once you’ve got enough savings, you’ll be able to unlock all sorts of new vehicles to drive along with tons of new circuits to race.

Driving School Sim Simulation
Driving School Sim MOD (Unlimited Money)

How to control

In Driving School Sim game, you will need to always control your vehicle by tapping the pedal on the right side, while you will also have to adjust your direction by tilting your smartphone a little to go to a specific location direction.


In fact, the competitive component in Driving School Sim is a huge part of the game. You will compete with your own driving skills to stay ahead in exciting high speed races. Or, alternatively, you can also choose to calmly walk around each situation freely in a surprisingly detailed landscape full of life.

Driving School Sim racing car
Driving School Sim MOD (Unlimited Money)

Incredible supercars.

Car games, whether racing or driving simulation, are essential for supercars. No one wants to play driving games with vintage vehicles. As a result, Driving School Sim provides players with an entirely new and diversified selection of supercars. The game simulates and updates the latest sports vehicles, SUVs, sedans, hypercars, and hatchbacks, as well as buses and trucks. So stock your garage with a plethora of supercars.

You will feel as though you are sitting in genuine supercars thanks to the realistic and accurate visuals. All automobile elements, such as the steering wheel, horn, lights, speed plate, gasoline, and so on, are simulated as blueprints from the car manufacturer. This allows the game to provide the player the most genuine sense possible.

Furthermore, thanks to its current style, Driving School Sim allows you to play games in a variety of ways. You may play as normal with the on-screen joystick. Furthermore, playing intuitively by tilting your phone as though holding a genuine steering wheel provides a more realistic experience.

Graphics and audio.

Driving School Sim has realistic 3D visuals as well as dynamic music. The automobiles or scenes have realistic 3D visuals that are complimented by adaptable and appealing sound effects. As a result, the player’s experience with Driving School Sim will be incredibly genuine.

Features of Driving School Sim MOD APK

  • More than 150 vehicles to drive updated regularly.
  • More than 80 challenging levels.
  • Free ride mode.
  • Different exams on each city map.
  • Smooth car handling and real feel.
  • Detailed car interior with ambient lighting.
  • Gas system with refilling at gas stations.
  • Leaderboards and online achievements.

What is the MOD in this version?

  • MOD unlimited money
  • MOD unlocks all vehicles.

Download Driving School Sim MOD APK for Android.

Driving School Sim is one of the few simulation games that can provide players with a realistic experience. You may drive with friends or create intriguing tournaments with other online players from all around the world, in addition to learning about vehicles and traffic regulations.