City Island 5 MOD for iOS (Unlimited Money)


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You can completely make your wish to own a giant town in City Island 5 Mod For IOS. What’s better than being transformed into a mayor of the city? Imagine the player as the mayor of a city on a beautiful island. What will you do to develop this city? Build a beautiful, modern and developed city with your own hands. Publisher Sparkling Society Games B.V has created a masterpiece of construction game with 15 million players worldwide. Let’s go into the world City Island 5 mod ipa to explore the world and build your own empire right now.

Build the island

In the game, you will play a city mayor. Your city is on a dreamy and beautiful island but that will only be the beginning. In your hands is now just a small village. The player’s job now is to find a way to build and develop his city more and more powerful. The later, the more developed the city, many new buildings are also unlocked. Many beautiful new islands with many different looks and themes for everyone to explore. The game also has an extremely rich and diverse mission system. Surely you will be extremely busy with completing the tasks in the game.

Send your spaceship to explore the world and unlock beautiful new islands in the area. Of course, the full game City Island 5 Mod For IOS will not be just that. Each city has a different theme as well as distinct architectural works. Join millions of players worldwide whether you have an internet connection or not.



Not only is a game extremely worth playing in offline mode, City Island 5 also develops an extremely large online gaming community. Observe and learn from your cute, friendly neighbors. In addition, users can also interact with their neighbors. Together with your friends complete the tasks and activities in the game. Build a city in your own style and help your neighbors. That’s the recipe for your city to grow bigger and bigger. Wish you have hours of fun experience with this game.

Download City City Island 5 Mod For IOS.

– Unlimited money.
– Free shopping.