Auto Chess Apk Mod (Unlimited Money)


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Auto Chess Apk Mod includes many features, such as God Mode, 70% increase in damage, free card recharge, Antiban nick lock, etc. The currency values in the game are also free and unlimited. If you are looking for an online casual game with in-depth meta-mechanics and mechanics, Auto Chess Apk Mod is a great choice.

Intro and Plot: Auto Chess Apk Mod

Dota Auto Chess Mobile is the mobile adaptation of Dota Auto Chess on PC, released in 2019. After a few days of launch, the game has attracted thousands of downloads and quickly built a community.

The game offers players a whole new chess experience in which you can control a new cast of characters and units to battle against your opponents in all-new gameplay. Featuring all the heroes and units from the main game, Auto Chess allows players to apply different strategies and coordinate teams, battling enemies on a confusing board.

Gameplay and rules

Players need to have good strategic thinking. Everything in the game is completely balanced from the very beginning. On an 8×8 chessboard, players must choose a pure clan formation to maximize their strength. The fighting style is also built from there. If it doesn’t feel right, you can quickly switch to another formation to last the longest.

With completely different battlefield units, you will find different strategies and approaches when engaging in battle.

Most of the time, players will have to pay attention to the composition of enemies and their units to make decisions. If you have confidence in your team, you can choose your playstyle and force the opponent to follow. Besides, the formation is also essential because it affects the way the units move and attack.

Auto Chess Apk Mod (Unlimited Money)
Auto Chess Apk Mod (Unlimited Money)

Players can also match the classes and races of units on the field to trigger a variety of team bonuses. This is called synergies, and each synergy gives that side a big advantage over their enemy. The synergy is shown live on top of the screen while the players are on the field. So you can know exactly what rewards you have.

Auto Chess Apk Mod has different units for certain races and classes. Depending on race and class, each unit will have its own strengths and abilities. Besides that, there are also special abilities for specific units as the player progresses further. However, players need to level up units and keep energy levels high to activate unique skills.

To power up a single unit on the field, players can upgrade and get upgraded stats. Or can equip new items, giving the unit more abilities.

In addition, items can be combined to create more powerful items. While on the field, collect the right things so that they can be combined into stronger parts.

In addition to items, the player can also place a chessboard with specific units that can be combined with each other. Make good use of these abilities to unlock powerful units and attack all enemies.

Graphics and sound.

Auto Chess Apk Mod has beautiful 3D graphics and is not inferior to the PC version. The interfaces from the lobby to the match are meticulously executed. The champion image is easier to look at and more lovely than the Dota Auto Chess version. The precise visual effects will keep players hooked on the game for a very long time. In addition, the smooth gameplay ensures a great experience. Players will experience the game without lag, stutter, or connection loss.

With epic music and themed sound effects, players will be completely captivated by the immersive gameplay. Besides, the voiced characters also satisfy many gamers.

Game Auto Chess APK MOD is available for download.

Auto Chess Apk Mod has been a phenomenon in recent months, promising to be the game that dominates the market when the gameplay does not require high skills. If you love the strategy game genre, then Auto Chess Mobile is a game that you cannot ignore. Best of all, thanks to the fair and safe gameplay, you will never have trouble enjoying this game.