Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal)


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Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal) is a horror action game with beautiful 3D graphics and especially the game does not require an internet connection. The game is developed by Euphoria Horror Games and in this version has been MOD APK for free.
Antarctica 88 Mod Unlocked
Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal)

Antarctica 88 (Mod Immortal) – Scary Action Horror Game Offline

Antarctica 88 is a title Horror action game Offline, the action will take place in the ice of Antarctica. The plot in this place for the study of fossil animals went into a scientific expedition. Some time later, contact with them is lost, and the protagonist under the player will come to the scene and see what happened. This journey will be very dangerous, because the cause of the group’s disappearance are bloodthirsty monsters, which the user will also have to face.

Antarctica 88 offline horror game
Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal)

The gameplay of the game

Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal) is a horror game combined with survival. You are exploring in an open environment. Although there is no specific mission, there are many puzzles that you need to solve to find the bad story that just happened. In the process, you need to search and collect the items that the game requires. They can be a medical item, a weapon, or a key to open a locked door. Try to survive and escape from this scary place with your dad.

Antarctica 88 Mod Unlimited Money
Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal)

At the start of the game, you wake up in a small cave with narrow nooks and crannies. During the process of finding your way out of the cave, you can pick up many items such as guns, ammunition and grenades. The cave is structured with many intricate nooks and crannies like a maze. The road is full of risks, some places require you to jump. Sometimes, the exit is very small and located high up. This requires you to interact and use nearby objects to find the exit.

Antarctica 88 Mod Money
Antarctica 88 MOD (Immortal)

What is the MOD in this version?

  • Immortal Mod.
  • Remove ads.