Warnet Life Mod Apk (Free Shopping) v2.9

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Warnet Life MOD APK is a game of life simulation. This time, you’ll take on the position of the proprietor of a very large Internet café in town. What will you do to efficiently manage and run the Cafe?

Introduce Warnet Life Mod Apk.

The 3D simulation game of the Internet Cafe owner role: what appears to be simple might turn out to be quite difficult!


Warnet Life is a game that is similar to Internet Cafe Simulator. As the proprietor of an Internet Cafe in Indonesia, you are also a little businessman in the game. Warnet Life simulates all of the daily occurrences of this owner’s life in first-person view using recognizable cubic style 3D visuals.

Warnet Life Mod Apk (Free Shopping) v2.9
Warnet Life Mod Apk (Free Shopping) v2.9


At the start of the game, you will have 69 RP in your pocket, and your most valuable asset will be the Internet Cafe, which includes lodging and a computer. Your company’s management begins here.

Your target clients, like those of many other Internet Cafes, are local youngsters and anybody who needs to use the Internet to communicate, relax, or play games. Customers are usually boys, and they will play the game and compete immediately for the scoreboard and rankings. It’s unusual to see middle-aged or female consumers. They usually come just when they need to download documents, communicate, or read newspapers online.

The first advantage of the game is that it allows you to feel the tranquil existence of the Indonesian people through the game’s features and advancements. You may dine, enjoy the delicacies, see the street costumes, and explore the streets and modes of public transportation in the bustling metropolis.

A unique activity occurs during the operation of the Internet Cafe: purchasing and selling computers with various electronic businesses. It is because you must constantly improve the equipment to attain the optimum transmission speed and quality. Sometimes it’s because people don’t use them wisely, and they break, so you have to always locate nice, affordable accessories and components to fix them. In the same town, there are a few electronics stores where you can get anything you need. In case you wish to buy decorations to update the look of your shop, there is also an IKIA store that sells a broad selection of furnishings such as couches, tables, chairs, kitchens, wallpapers, and so on.

Transactions and earnings

Remember, you were assigned the “no backup option” from the start. Internet Cafe is your only source of revenue. It determines your life. Simply think like that and do your best to maximize your earnings from all of the services. Only then will you be able to continue operating your company in the future.

The principle is simple: the more interesting things an Internet cafe has, the more innovative it is, setting the trend town >> have more customers >> get more income >> use the money to improve, innovate and make more cool things >> get more customers and make more money again.

Expand and diversify your company offerings to enhance revenue: add a food counter, a drink menu, a counter selling electronic gadgets, toys, video games, Internet phone cards, and anything else you can think of.

Of course, as you grow into so many sectors, you need additional staff to service clients properly in all scenarios. The number of employees, their salaries, working hours… it all relies on you, at any given moment and with any given business strategy.

Remember that your aim is not merely to generate a profit, but also to run a successful firm. Transform your Internet Cafe from a tiny to a well-known and larger business.

Warnet Life Mod Apk for Android is available for download.

It is a modest simulation game with a simple look, but its gameplay is tough and complex to control and handle. The game is enjoyable, interesting, and dramatic. Download and play Warnet Life here.

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