War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo)


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 War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo) is also known as Walking Wars Robots Developed by the manufacturer Pixonic LLC, for players to experience on Android and iOS mobile devices.

War Robots (MOD Unlimited Ammo, Rocket) – War Robot Game

Games War Robots In the context of the evil forces are plotting to monopolize the world and you will have to control the robots to fight these dark forces, this is a very dangerous job that only the brave can only do. The game belongs to the very attractive fighting role-playing action genre, if you are looking for beautiful graphics fighting games, why not try the immobile Mod Bot version.

War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo) 1
War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo)


Games Wars Robots Set in a wartime is very chaotic by evil forces plotting to invade the human world. In the game you will be the one to control the Robots and bravely confront unexpected battles, practice in tactical rehearsals and stay calm in the face of enemies full of cunning and intrigue. hazardous. Download Walking Wars Robots game and join the battle to destroy the enemy Robots, regain freedom and peace for the world by equipping weapons, upgrading to increase the power of robots and show tactics, Different tricks for you to win each match.

War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo)
War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo)

Outstanding features in the game War Robots MOD APK

  • The gameplay of the game is a combination of role-playing action as well as good adventure on Android, iPhone
  • The graphics in the game are highly appreciated by the design from Unity with beautiful 3D graphics, vivid sound
  • 21 different types of Robots for you to explore with different powers
  • More than 20 weapons with various types such as plasma guns, energy, ballistic arrows and more for you to choose from
  • Countless robot and weapon combo possibilities. Let’s create a battle machine to suit your own playstyle
  • Many other attractive features are waiting for you to discover
War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo)
War Robots MOD (Menu, Speed, Unlimited Ammo)

What is the MOD in this version?

  • MOD Menu by TheArmKing
  • Speed ​​Multiplier – Increases movement speed
  • Set Jump Height – Increase jump distance
  • No Gravity – Removes Gravity
  • Bots don’t shoot – Bot-controlled robots won’t shoot

Skip the check at the beginning of the game by the following

  1. Download the game from the Play Store
  2. After downloading a few %, cancel the download
  3. Install the MOD version and enter the game to download the data, then you can fight.