Tales of Dungeon MOD APK v1.0


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Tales of Dungeon mod APK is a must-have for fans of dungeon exploration adventure RPG games with classic pixel visuals.

About Tales of Dungeon.

Crawl through dungeons, battle legendary creatures, and gather cards and relics!

The story of Tales of Dungeon mod APK revolves around treasure seeker Luke. You and your friend will explore the ancient tunnels under Megalopolis in Arcadia in quest of unique artifacts and treasures.

Initially, the two were only looking for high-quality products to help them become renowned merchants in the profession of treasure hunting. But who would have guessed that the farther you travel into the dungeons, following the footprints of the artifacts, the more you discover the route you’re on goes to hell, where the dark forces are gradually rising and attempting to creep up on the face of the land inhabited by people. So, from being money-hungry, both have grudgingly turned heroes in order to safeguard humanity’s future. When you and your friends enter the first dungeon, the adventure starts.

Tales of Dungeon MOD APK
Tales of Dungeon MOD APK


Tales of Dungeon, like other games of the genre, allows you to play as the main character and begin exploring every part of the dungeon maze. Use any weapon at your disposal, including swords, axes, spears, and arrows, as well as your courage, to battle against each adversary that appears from anywhere in the dungeon. During the conflict, you’ll be able to improve your weapons and utilize them to fight back against the increasing evil.

There is a boss in each scene that you must beat and pass in order to go to the next scenario. Each dungeon has its own deep maze. They can be found in the depths of old catacombs, the dark forests, the center of a cemetery, or even the route to hell, where you must battle not just average beasts but occasionally devils.

Wherever you go, you must find a method to remove the impediments in the tunnel, swiftly gather all of the dispersed things, and concentrate on battling creatures. Although, in terms of history and tale, it is this fast-paced mix that has allowed Tales of Dungeon become one of the most popular vintage games on mobile.

Spells, Armor, and Weapons

To dig deep and live long in this Tales of Dungeon dungeon game, you must actively arm both your own weapons and the weapons of your allies. The melee weapons swords, axes, spears, and shields will assist you in immediately confronting the opponent. With rapid motion and flawless control, you may dispatch foes several times your size with a few easy sword strokes. Longer-range weaponry, such as bows and arrows, can be used to shoot any enemy target.

Tales of Dungeon MOD APK
Tales of Dungeon MOD APK

The key to defeating the boss in each scenario is to observe them for a few moments before rolling around and slicing. Each has its unique flaw. Knowing what it is increases your capacity to attack and win.

Magical Development is required for the character you are managing. You will be stronger, more resilient, and better at fighting with your own powers as a result of these modifications, and you will be ready to face the ultimate boss coming up from hell.

Graphics and audio.

Tales of Dungeon mod APK is built fully on the original 2D pixel visuals, with no modifications or smoothing enhancements. This is not for those who enjoy the feel of current cartoons or action games with stunning scenery. However, if you enjoy the sensation of nostalgia, love, and being immersed in the early historical imagery of the gaming world, Tales of Dungeon is the game for you.

Along with the vintage visuals mentioned above, the audio in Tales of Dungeon are also iconic. The background music is basic yet occasionally eerie, and the sound released during conflicts is not overly climactic, but enough to keep you interested in your character’s attack power.

Tales of Dungeon Mod APK for Android is available for download.

Tales of Dungeon mod APK is the game for you if you want to put your dungeon battling skills to the test while enjoying the classic feel of the unpolished 8-bit visuals. If you enjoy this type of game, you should download and play it right away.