Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA 1.28.0 For IOS (Frozen Enemy)


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Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA (Frozen Enemy) is the third installment in Nekki’s well-known RPG series “Shadow Fight.” Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA belongs to the not-so-new but incredibly appealing fighting game genre, and it features outstanding visuals.

Introduce Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA

At first glance, Shadow Fight 3 appears to be a departure from the fighting game series: the glossy black graphic style that inspired the game’s name has given way to detailed 3D graphics and realism. The protagonist is no longer a famous warrior lurking in the shadows, but a fresh face of Shadow Squad, whose name, gender, and look you choose.

It can be argued that Nekki has substantially enhanced the game in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics, making it one of the greatest upgrades in this prominent game company’s fighting game series. Shadow Fight 3 has risen to the ranks of the top fighting games on every platform as a result of these factors.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA
Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA 1.28.0 For IOS (Frozen Enemy)

Gameplay is familiar.

You will push the button and use the joystick to perform a range of assaults, just like in any other game in this genre. From soaring tops and punches to full-fledged blows. Even better, you may learn new talents while playing the game.

Remember to battle hard since your opponent has the ability to knock the weapon away from you. And if the sword goes from your grasp, you will have to fight it totally unless you conjure a dark power to assist you.

Many items of equipment for your character

You will be able to employ a variety of weapons and equipment in Shadow Fight 3. Refine your character even further with accessories that appear very threatening, such as Batman’s Bane character face, or weapons such as double swords, daggers, and nunchaku. The weapons and characters you select will influence your own distinct combat style.

There are several strong legends that are unlocked through completing challenging stages. You may gather, utilize, upgrade, and combine equipment to construct a set of dream battle gear.


Previously, our character in Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk would have only one strange black color. The figure has returned to full color on a fully new blockbuster 3D graphics after recovering its form. When using innovative design technologies to this game, Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA has improved the level of a fighting game to a new level, providing players incredibly gorgeous and quality visuals, creating a The world is alive and wonderfully genuine.

The game’s graphics are utterly refreshing, from the character system to the fighting map… When I play, I am amazed by the skill and combo impact in the game, which appears to be colossal and exhilarating.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA for Android is available for free download.

It is not an exaggeration to state that Shadow Fight 3 MOD IPA is one of the finest fighting games of all time based on what the game has revealed. With gameplay inherited from its predecessor and fresh advancements, the new graphics platform will undoubtedly wow you and any fighting game aficionado.

It’s time to return to the Shadow World and break the Shadow World once more.

MOD feature

  • Freeze enemies