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Join passionate love tales, love anyone you want, and do whatever you want in Gameloft’s visual novel game Journeys: Interactive Series APK MOD. Get it today!

About Explain Journeys: Interactive Series.

Gameloft SE is a video game developer best known for its Asphalt series and Gangstar Vegas. Aside from racing and action games, they also offer several well-liked visual novel-like titles, such as Journeys: Interactive Series, which I will discuss below.

Although Gameloft SE is not the market leader in this area, Journeys: Interactive Series has garnered tens of millions of players due to its engaging content. In this game, you may live a new life, connect with the people you care about, and work at your desired career.


In general, the gameplay of visual novel games is nearly same. You will take on the role of a character (male or female) and then live the life you choose. Of course, the framework for this genre is fairly limited, so you may only include specific stories. In terms of Journeys: Interactive Series, I believe the game’s material is extensive and diverse. There are dozens of chapters to go through, and you can do so for several days in a row. These will be covered in the next section of the article.

Interactive Series APK MOD (Unlimited Money)
Interactive Series APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Journeys: Interactive Series premieres in New York City. You will play as a young chef attempting to pursue the chef’s dream and the opportunity to alter your life here. But then things keep occurring, and you find yourself in a love triangle. People are continually appearing around you, attempting to flirt with you and demonstrate sincerity. But are they truly what you’re looking forward to? Only you are aware of this. Make your own selections, but keep in mind your goals for New York!

Concerning content.

There are many of chapters available to play in Journeys: Interactive Series. You will initially play RECIPE OF LOVE, after which you will be able to unlock extra chapters such as SINGLES CRUISE, LOVE SQUARED, LINDA BROWN… Each chapter is rather long, however you can still play future chapters if you don’t finish the first one.

In addition to content inspired by everyday life, Journeys: Interactive Series includes fiction and mystery titles such as MAFIA SOUL, VAMPYRA, and DON’T FORGET ME. The mystery details, such as werewolves and vampires, will be revealed gradually. How would you handle that?

Furthermore, Gameloft SE refreshes events and launches new chapters on a weekly or monthly basis. That’s something to look forward to!

Take on various roles.

You may pick between genders and characters to role-play in each chapter of the game. This is another feature that many games lack. I performed a number of characters in the same scenario, which refreshed the experience and provided a different viewpoint.


It should be noted that Journeys: Interactive Series includes mature content. So, despite its easy gameplay, which consists largely of selecting decisions when the character encounters specific situations, it is classified for gamers aged 16 and over.


Aside from the content, Journeys: Interactive Series offers a visuals background that outperforms other visual novel games. The first is the personality. Each one is meticulously created, with a distinct expression that adds to the mystery. As a result, you will constantly be curious about the partners and individuals with whom you have spoken and engaged.

Next, in terms of context, Journeys: Interactive Series demonstrates to players that it has a broad background, is intricately built, and is highly attractive. Players will go to a variety of settings, including bustling modern towns, residences with old architecture, and the darkest, most mysterious regions, such as vampire castles.

Journeys: Interactive Series APK MOD for Android is available for download.

It’s time to download Journeys: Interactive Series if you want to write your own tale or control a certain part of your life at your own speed. This game offers a lot to discover, with stories about friendship, love, and profession that are full with drama and instability. Make decisions, take charge of events, and live the life you desire!

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