How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022

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With the DLS 2022 game, you may make your fantasies come true. You may also discover how to acquire gold quickly in Dream League Soccer to boost your earnings. Let’s find out more about this football game by reading the article below.

What exactly is DLS 2022?

Actually, DLS 2022 ( Dream League Soccer) is an electronic football game created by First Touch Games that was launched in 2011. This game has been improved and updated to the most recent version to boost people’s trust and choice.

A classic offline football game with a clean design and realistic movement. As a result, the game has been positively welcomed by many users since its release. Furthermore, the game assists individuals who are passionate about football in creating their ideal squad.

How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022
How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022

Dream League Soccer now has new features.

The most recent Dream League Soccer game edition was released in 2020, with several great additions and upgrades over previous years. It is possible to say that nearly the whole framework of the game “Dream League Soccer” has been modified, namely:

The visuals of the game interface have been greatly improved.

  • Every day, players can earn between 1000 and 1500 coins and up to 75 gold.
  • The number of teams has been increased to 128.
  • The number of competitions has been increased from 6 to 8.
  • To play the game, you must pay 200 coins or 20 diamonds to unlock the logo template.
  • The number of players has significantly decreased.
  • There are five distinct areas: the stadium, the commercial area, the training area, the medical facility, and the players’ housing.
  • Help in configuring the player information server

How to earn gold/diamonds in the game DLS 2022.

How to Get Gold Quickly in DLS 2022 MOD

  • Ball shoots will earn you gold coins.
  • A successful long-range shot earns 5 gold.
  • To get 5 gold coins, shoot to the goal and touch the post or crossbar.
  • You will win 15 gold if you successfully strike the goal from a distance greater than 30m.
  • Control prevents the opponent from shooting the ball and receiving 5 gold right away.
  • 10 gold for a shot on the edge from a distance of 30m.
  • Score a goal from 41 meters to get 15 gold.
  • To gain 10 gold, score immediately without dribbling.
How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022
How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022

Earn gold in DLS 2022 by setting a goal record.

  • Set a record of 3 goals in one game to get 10 gold.
  • Make 15 gold accomplishments with your head.
  • To obtain 15 gold, complete 25 successful goals.
  • Get 20 gold for scoring three goals (one with each foot, one with the head, and one with the left foot).
  • Get 10 gold for scoring 5 goals in the same match.
  • The goalie who scores the goal receives 10 gold coins.
  • Get 25 gold if you score a goal in the first 8 seconds of the game.
  • For 50 gold, score a goal from a corner.
How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022
How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022

Wins and scores will earn more you gold coins.

  • Get 5 gold for just starting out.
  • 10 gold for 10 matches every month
  • Similarly, 1 match represents 1 gold plus the amount of victories multiplied.
  • 10 gold are awarded for 10 drawings.

Earn gold by transferring players.

  • Sign an agreement with the first player to get 10 gold.
  • Purchase a total of 5 players to receive 25 gold coins. Likewise, the number of players earned 5 gold.

Upgrade packs provide gold coins.

  • Upgrading the stadium nets you 10 gold.
  • Purchase all yard enhancement packages to receive 100 gold.
  • Get 50 gold by unlocking in-game kit bundles.

How to earn diamonds in DLS 2022

Join the DLS 2022 game.

DLS 2022 special offer for new players is to earn 75 free diamonds instantly after downloading the game. This is regarded as a welcome present for beginners to the Dream League Soccer game.

Purchase diamonds from the shop.

To improve your chances and earn more diamonds in the DLS 2022 MOD game, you can use real money to purchase gem packages and acquire a variety of diamonds at various costs.

Furthermore, diamonds may be obtained with the Season Pass, although diamonds are gained more quickly and at a higher rate than free gamers. At that point, you have the possibility to obtain extra diamonds, EXP, and rarer players.

Some other tips to earn more gold and diamonds in DLS 2022

DLS 2022 watch ads settings

First, navigate to the game’s Career area and watch 30 seconds of advertisements. Then, leave the game and navigate to your phone’s settings. Then select:

On the phone, go to the date and time settings.
Change to another region to watch advertisements and earn gold.
Enter the game Dream League Soccer and watch the advertisements.

Similarly, if you do this often, you may make a lot of gold in a day and your gold will rise significantly. Furthermore, you should enhance the stadium to increase the quantity of gold it contains.

Watch the advertisements in game for earn diamonds in DLS 2022

To play the game, simply choose the Exhibition game mode and pick Play. There is no need to deliver a kick; simply shoot the ball and depart the game. Then, quit the game and re-enter the program. Pick Career, then the Free +30 gold item in the bottom left corner of the screen, and select to see advertisements in the game Dream League Soccer that may earn you money.

Similarly, to display game adverts, simply go offline, exit the game, and then re-enter it. By hacking and watching advertisements, you may earn gold or diamonds in this manner. This approach, however, can only be observed a few times.

In addition to the above ways, you can download unlimited money DLS 2022 MOD game at appdaily.

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