Download free Alloy Launcher app for iOS worth $9.99 – FREE

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Alloy Launcher (or Launcher And Automator) is a multi-purpose support utility that allows users to automate daily tasks from a single application interface. For example, you could update your status on Facebook, send an SMS to someone, save and track parking spot and time, and so on. This software is often regarded as the most effective way to simplify your life; you can accomplish practically everything with a few short touches.

Alloy makes it easier and more useful to start an app or automate your process with a single click. So, if you need to share today’s photo with the logo on Facebook, send a scripted message to someone, save and monitor your parking position and time, and so forth… Simply construct the relevant Action and you may use it as many times as you want without having to reset it.

Download free Alloy Launcher app for iOS FREE 2

About Alloy Launcher

Alloy Launcher is appropriate for every user; whether you are a beginner or seasoned user, you will undoubtedly find Alloy incredibly useful and pleasant to use. Simply by establishing simple processes that incorporate many actions, we can simply execute Simple Actions in minutes. Experienced users will progress and create increasingly complicated Actions by utilizing loops, conditional algorithms, Web Services, workflow calls, and other tools.

You may build Siri Shortcuts for every Alloy Action and then activate them with the virtual assistant using certain keywords. You can even make shortcuts that run in the background without requiring you to leave Siri… You can utilize Alloy to communicate the outcomes of your Actions (for example, calculating tips) with your friends directly from Messages. You may also utilize Alloy’s Widget in Notification Center to have quick access to your Favorite Actions and other features.

Alloy Launcher may execute the following things with a single click:

  • Share today’s snapshot with a watermark on Facebook.
  • Calculate the tip.
  • Send SMS messages and group emails.
  • Send someone a pre-written SMS message.
  • Set departure reminders and save parking spaces.
  • Yelp can help you find the greatest pizza establishment.
  • Upload fresh photographs to Dropbox and send the URL to yourself.
  • Use Convertible to convert EUR to USD.
  • Navigate to a certain location using Google Maps, and so on…
Download free Alloy Launcher app for iOS worth $9.99 - FREE
Download free Alloy Launcher app for iOS worth $9.99 – FREE

You may utilize Actions from the template collection that have built-in actions, or you can create your own using the simple yet powerful Action Editor. Custom Actions may be created in Alloy to fulfill the user’s individual needs and desires. You may change the workflow, backdrop, style, colors, folders, and more of your Action!

Currently, developer 32Parrot LLC is offering this program for free on the App Store in perpetuity, so you may have Alloy – Launcher And Automator without paying the initial charge of $10 USD.


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